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Whether you are on the mental health recovery journey or supporting someone who is, you are in a unique position to provide hope, support, and guidance to others. Your experience, as told by you, is Evidence for the world that recovery is real—and that it comes in many forms and is supported by others.  We encourage you to share your story of recovery or supporting someone on a recovery journey using the form below.

To help you tell your story, we’ve developed some basic Storytelling Tips. We invite you to read them or just get started. Stories approved by the ITE/MH Campaign will be posted on Spotlight On, our blog.

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If you are experiencing recovery, people reading your story may find it helpful to know what specific challenges you experienced on your recovery journey; how you overcame these challenges; who helped you overcome them and how; who supports (individuals, organizations and communities) you on a daily basis and how; what your life was like before you started on your recovery journey and what is like now; and what recovery means to you.

If you support recovery, please share a specific example(s) of how you support (or supported) recovery. People reading may find it helpful to know specific steps you took to help an individual or group of individuals; how these steps made a difference in their journey; if you experienced any challenges; and how it made you feel to help this person or people.

The maximum word count for all stories is 500 words.