You Are the Evidence

Every day of the year, ITE/MH’s message is that people who experience recovery, and those who support them, are the best Evidence of mental health recovery. By sharing your personal view of recovery—through photography, writing, or other forms of visual or written art— you provide hope, encouragement, example, and opportunity to others.

Upload a photo of yourself—alone, with another person, or as part of a group—writing, paintings, illustrations, and more. We will feature your art on our blog and Facebook page, along with your message about how you are the Evidence. See an example here.

Photo Guidelines and Requirements

  • Use a smartphone or regular camera to take your photo. Please upload photos in jpeg format (.jpg) that that are at least 900 pixels wide, with a maximum size of 5MB. Please submit only the original photo files. Do not paste photos into a word document.
  • Take the photo in a well-lit space or outdoors to better spotlight you and others who may be in it.
  • Please download and print the ITE/MH sign and hold it for the picture so that it’s completely visible in the final photo. Click here for the “I’m the Evidence” sign and click here for the “We’re the Evidence” sign.
  • Don’t forget to smile!

Photo Submission Form

Thank you for standing as the Evidence—the ITE/MH Campaign appreciates your putting your personal perspective out there to focus the spotlight on mental health recovery and support.

First Name

Last Name

We will only use first names with your submission but ask for both so we can mail you an ITE/MH poster.

If more than one person is in the photo, please write out the names of all people photographed.

Organization/Program Name (if applicable):


Mailing Address:

Please complete one of the below statements. You can write a personal statement that expresses what you are the evidence of, or use one (or all) of the following phrases from the ITE/MH poem: how hope transforms, how giving heals the soul, what can be achieved, how feeling connected can ground, how there is invaluable worth in an act of faith, how example can lead, how far encouragement can take you, how one step begins a journey toward endless possibilities..

Individual: “I'm the Evidence of...”

Please limit to 50 words.

More than one person in your photo: “We're the Evidence of...”

Please limit to 50 words.

Upload Photo:


I have reviewed the terms of the ITE/MH Campaign's photo release form. By submitting my photo, I understand that I am agreeing to and have accepted the terms of the release.