Belief…the Placebo Effect

I’m the Evidence….for how Belief Inspires The ITE poem opens with Belief. For so many people, recovery from mental illness begins with—and is strongly supported by —the belief that things will get better. Or, that despite ongoing symptoms, one’s life can have meaning and purpose. [...]Read more
Kindness one of the greatest gifts you can bestow upon another

Kindness Today and Every Day

Many people have commented that taking action on the values of the ITE poem is really about being kind to one another. And they’re right. It is that simple. For many, this time of year spurs the seemingly simple action of kindness to one another that somehow seems to get lost in [...]Read more

Evolution to Recovery

The Mental Health Association in Pennsylvania (MHAPA) supports and promotes principles that facilitate the recovery and resiliency of individuals and their families. All too often stigma and discrimination are barriers to opportunities—employment, community engagement, housing, [...]Read more

Thanksgiving Recipe from The Lodge

For Bethlehem, PA, residents, The Lodge is friendly café that serves great food—the Cuban sandwiches are a local hit—and offers free live music. With the motto Friends Celebrate Greatness in Self and Others, The Lodge is much more to the people who work there. And to the ITE/MH [...]Read more

Brilliant Ideas

The ITE/MH Campaign appreciated the opportunity to be a part of this year’s annual Copeland Center Summit in State College, PA by exhibiting and presenting the ITE/MH Campaign workshop. It was truly inspiring to be with attendees of this conference, who are supporting individuals [...]Read more

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