A Personal Plea: Two Kinds of Mental Illness

By Anonymous There are two kinds of mental illness. 1. Mental illness as a personal battle with your own mind. 2. Mental illness as an assigned social status. Many people in America have the first kind of mental illness. Far fewer experience the second. Both occur on a spectrum. [...]Read more

Angel’s Recovery Story: Finding Joy

By Angel, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Albion, Pennsylvania* Hopelessness, fear, and addiction ruled my life before I tried to commit suicide. These feelings, this emotion stem from my childhood. When my parents divorced and went their separate ways, I was forced to take care [...]Read more

Poncho’s Recovery Story: I Realized…

By Poncho, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Greene, Pennsylvania* I mostly hid behind my mental illness and self-medicated with alcohol, marijuana, and cocaine. I never told the truth about what I felt or was thinking. I never had positive interactions with others. I was [...]Read more

Anthony’s Recovery Story: Letting Go of the Past

By Anthony, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Albion, Pennsylvania* My name is Anthony M. I am a Certified Peer Support Specialist (CPS) who works and lives at SCI Albion. I’m going to share a fraction of my story with you. My hope is that it will offer some sort of empowerment in [...]Read more

Henry’s Recovery Story: Lost & Found

By Henry, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Greene, Pennsylvania* Sitting in a cold jail cell, sick because I was a heroin addict; nowhere to turn what did I do? My moral compass was definitely broken. It was years later that I found some real answers to help me out of the pit [...]Read more

Roy’s Recovery Story: I’m the Evidence

By Roy, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Albion, Pennsylvania* This part of my life started in Philadelphia after the death of my grandma, who died in my arms when I was about the age of seven. I had trouble coping with the tragedy that tore my life apart. I couldn’t understand [...]Read more

Carl’s Recovery Story: True Compassion

By Carl, a Certified Peer Specialist, SCI Greene, Pennsylvania* True compassion not only tries to understand the pain of others, but also provides practical assistance… Well, in 1993, my Developmental Articulation Disorder kicked in and I didn’t have any type of social [...]Read more

Peace and Comfort Through Photos

“These are two of the photos that I took in July during a picnic with some friends. We were at Rocky Gap State Park in Flintstone, MD. I couldn’t help myself but to walk around and take a lot of pictures, because I see and find so much Serenity in the beauty of [...]Read more

Harvest Full of Hope Celebrates Recovery

It’s hard to believe October is just a few weeks away! We look forward to the changing season—and to celebrating the 15th Annual Lehigh Valley Harvest Full of Hope in Bethlehem, Penn. on October 19.  ITE/MH partnered with Harvest Full of Hope and invited Lehigh Valley [...]Read more

Louanne Pictures Recovery and Support

“As I went for a walk around the new area where I moved, I stopped to take photos of the beauty that surrounds me with my new camera. So I set a goal to take pictures of the seasons changing because we represent the same thing in our lives. This reminds me that sometimes we [...]Read more

And the Winners Are…

We are excited to announce twelve winners of ITE/MH’s Mental Health Month Camera Contest. Meet the winners and see how they plan to use their cameras. Natasha Bagwe: “I have been struggling with my mental health for a long time, and the only thing that has empowered me is music, [...]Read more

Mental Health Month Camera Contest

May is Mental Health Month, and we’re celebrating with a camera contest.  Enter today to let us see the world through your eyes. Help us show the individual nature of recovery. Tell us how you see mental health recovery for a chance to win one of 12 digital cameras.  How it [...]Read more

Jenn’s Recovery Story: A Journey Not A Quick-Fix

By Jenn, Blogger and Freelance Writer I was diagnosed with depression at around age 12, and I felt like the world had come to an end for me. I have since had many struggles and what often feels like a war raging within me. I have learned a lot through these struggles, and I think [...]Read more

New Horizons Drop-In Center is the Evidence

“We’re the Evidence of  how feeling supported and connected gives us the courage and enjoyment to work together and share what Recovery looks like in the community!” —Karen, Manny, Dustin, Sue, Michell, Jamie, Alex, and Lucas, New Horizons Drop-In Center, [...]Read more

Leonard and Mike are the Evidence

“We’re the Evidence of how support leads to stability. Our Fairweather Lodge, The Lodge at Newport, gives us the responsibility for our lives, our home, and our peers every day.” —Leonard, Mike, The Lodge at Newport, Newport, PARead more

Mary is the Evidence

“I’m the Evidence of what can be achieved when mental health treatment is successful. In 2009 I was suicidal. I told my psychiatrist that I wanted to hook the mask of my CPAP machine to my car’s exhaust and end it all. This was the low point in a long road of [...]Read more

Joe is the Evidence

“I’m the Evidence of mental health recovery, because I spend time at the Clubhouse working the kitchen preparing and serving meals and running the snack bar. I have held steady jobs as a material handler in a warehouse and washing dishes at the Ritz BBQ.” —Joe, [...]Read more

Tim is the Evidence

“I’m the Evidence of mental health recovery, because I help the person I live with in day-to-day tasks. At the Clubhouse I help prepare meals and sell lunch tickets to the members and run the snack bar. I am actively looking for work in the community in the restaurant [...]Read more

David is the Evidence

“I’m the Evidence that there can be recovery from mental illness and that life does go on. I have come out of my shell and gone into public. I hold a steady job working at Amazon, and I am going to College for Criminal Justice. I am the evidence.” —David, [...]Read more

Joe is the Evidence

“I’m the Evidence of how an example can lead, how far encouragement can take you, and how one step begins a journey towards endless possibilities. Thanks to the examples that I’ve had in my life the past nine years, I’ve had the encouragement to take the [...]Read more

Carl and Steven are the Evidence

“Steven and I work for The Advocacy Alliance, a Mental Health Association. Through our job We’re the Evidence of how encouragement can be the first step on our journey toward endless possibilities and how hope can transform us and heal our soul.” —Carl and [...]Read more

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