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Derek, a U.S. Army combat Veteran, began to notice symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder and even had thoughts of harming himself after he returned home from Iraq.

Yesterday, we honored the men and women who served in our armed forces. Today, we are sharing stories of Veterans, such as Derek, who returned home to face mental health issues and find support after reaching out to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) for support.

To help Veterans realize that they are not alone and connect them with others going through similar experiences, the VA recently launched Make the Connection, a one-stop online resource where Veterans and their families and friends can privately explore such topics as improving health and wellness and coping with life’s daily challenges. also features hundreds of videos of Veterans talking openly about their experiences with mental health treatment, recovery, and paths to leading fulfilled lives.

The ITE/MH Campaign puts our  Spotlight On Make the Connection—and all of the men and women who shared recovery stories—for encouraging Veterans and their families to stand as the Evidence of recovery and provide Hope, Connectedness, and Example to others.

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Recovery to me isn’t more difficult than doing what is right for me in all the areas of my life that impact my well-being, and maintaining the discipline to keep it a daily pursuit; carrying the torch and balance through my physical being, my spiritual being, my relational being, my vocational being, my choice of habitat, my choice of sexuality; everything carefully examined in the light and weighed in my balance with values. Opening and closing everyday in celebration and union with my Creator.

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